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At Phoebus, maintenance includes the installation or removal of a component from an aircraft or aircraft subassembly, Elementary work, such as removing and replacing tires, inspection plates, spark plugs, checking cylinder compression, etc, on small privately operated aircraft; or removal and replacement of fuses, light bulbs, etc, on transport category aircraft 


     ​Servicing, such as refueling, washing windows.

Any work done on an aircraft or aircraft component as part of the manufacturing process, prior to the issue of a certificate of airworthiness or other certification documents


Having a reliable on-site aircraft maintenance facility in order to secure continuity of training is of fundamental importance to any pilot training institution. Phoebus Apollo is extremely proud of its on-campus aircraft maintenance capability that has enabled the flight school and the Airline to have a very reliable fleet of serviceable training aircraft available to carry out its training and Airline task. 

The various departments within the AMO are managed by ten fully qualified and experienced aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs).

Apart from its main repair, service and aircraft re-building capabilities, the AMO has the following divisions:



   ​Engine shop with complete engine overhaul capability


   Paint shop, including a spray booth


    ​Sheet metal shop


    Upholstery division

    ​Re-build facility

All aircrafts are owned and operated by Phoebus Apollo Aviation and all maintenance is carried out by our own maintenance division, also based at Rand Airport. We consider this to be one of our strongest attributes as when aircraft are unserviceable it is only a matter of hours until the aircraft are back in the air again.

The Engine division has received Worldwide recognition for the impeccable standards set over the years. Highly trained and licensed technicians are available for all maintenance, repair of light & medium category aircraft, as well as engine overhaul & engine testing. Phoebus Apollo Aviation is one of the biggest piston engine rebuilders in the world today.

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