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After completing your PPL it is recommended that you obtain a Night Rating. The Night Rating enables you to fly at night. This Rating is usually done towards training for your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). You will be permitted to start your Night Rating after the completion of your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) plus 30hrs of Solo Flying The Training consists of the following: 

5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.

SACAA written online examination.

10 Hours Dual Instrument Instruction ( 5 of the 10 hours can be conducted our simulator).

A Dual Triangular Cross-country flight, by night, a minimum of 150 nautical miles with 2 'away-from-base' landings. The duration of this flight is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

A minimum of 5 take-offs and landings by night with an Instructor.

A Night/Instrument Flight Test conducted by a Senior Grade II Instructor to determine your Night and Instrument Flying ability.

The duration of the Night Rating course may take a week or two.

Image by Austin Neill
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